Saturday, November 24, 2012

the iPhone cases

You may be able to tell i have a little obsession with cases. I like to make my phone look pretty ok! All of these were for my white iPhone 4s which i bought a few months ago, which just shows how often i change my case. I recently upgraded to the iPhone 5 and don't have a case yet :( however i am on the hunt for the perfect one so i'll update soon!

First up is the Kate Spade case which is gorgeous but turned out to be a little too bulky for me thus i had to change it. This was actually my sisters who didn't like it for the same reason so it got handed down. The cassette case is from ebay a cute little retro case that i couldn't resist. The red one is another one of my sisters. This one is also from ebay which i used for about a week. Slim and simple. The next one is one i picked up on impulse whilst in the queue at h&m, it was super cheap and i've been told it is either a pair of wings or a moustache. I just thought it was cute. The last one is from ebay (best place to get super cheap cases!). I absolutely loved the game boy one, reminded me of when i was younger and it was all the rage. Unfortunately i used it so much it stretched out and then just got annoying so i had to move on.

photo: by me

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