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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

tv / peaky blinders

Currently watching: Peaky Blinders
I stumbled across this show spinning away on the stationary bike at the gym one day, i normally get sidetracked by whatever's on the telly when working out (it is the only place i watch midsomer murders) and that specific Thursday was no exception. I like a historic show so when i glanced at the telly and saw this i knew i'd love it. It was the third episode that was showing and i had no idea what it was called or what channel it was on, all i knew was that i was hooked and i needed to know what i was watching so i could go home and catch up. So for about 20 mins i strained my neck trying to catch some kind of clue as to what it was called all the while spinning away and thus when a name flashed up at the end i instantly breathed a sigh of relief and googled it - lo and behold my obsession with this show began.

Moving forward to today where i realise the shows first season is due to end tomorrow! I'm not the best at summing up what something is about so here's the wiki page which is short and sweet. Cillian Murphy is great and because i am a romantic i do quite love the Tommy/Grace storyline - the conclusion to which i eagerly await. Talking of conclusions i read on this interview with Steven Knight that there is due to be a season 2 which is lucky because this was way too short (6 episodes!) Other things to note are how good the whole cast are, and how pretty Annabelle Wallis is! The soundtrack to the show is also pretty spectacular. If you get a chance to watch this make sure you give it a shot it's definitely worth it.

photo: bbc

Thursday, September 19, 2013

on repeat / drake - hold on we're going home

completely in love with this song right now

copyright: drake

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